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06 March 2016 @ 04:06 pm
A few days ago I somehow got back into Lord of the rings. It's been following me since then XD
On that occasion I remembered I once made a Fanvideo. Now I uploaded all of my old (very old) Fanvideos to Vimeo so I can share them with you :D
As always they're password protected, so leave me a comment if you want the password. Don't worry, I don't bite ;)

Here are the links to my video collection:

Aragon - Sound of silence (lord of the rings fandom):https://vimeo.com/157908245

7th Heaven Opening - Harry Potter style: https://vimeo.com/157908590

Imaginative Faith Opening (Buffy and Angel fandom): https://vimeo.com/157908773

Various fandoms & characters - Fighter: https://vimeo.com/157909018

Funny Buffy and Angel cast: https://vimeo.com/157909291

Georgie Henley Tribute: https://vimeo.com/157909612

Saphira - It's my life (Eragon Fandom): https://vimeo.com/157909994

For your information: It's been ages since I've done most of them. Don't expect something professional or really awesome. Also, the quality of them is only middle, close to low. But still, please watch them and tell me your opinion! Comments are love ❤❤❤
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Hello everyone,
I hope you're all well and healthy? Did you miss me? It feels like I haven't talked to many of you in a while. So I hope all of you are fine :D
I've started to write a new One-Shot recently and I wanted to know your opinions. Are you interested? Please realize that this is just a trailer. That means it wasn't corrected by my Beta and it's only glimpses of the story ;)

For short information: It's AU, romance, humor, totally PG and a rare pair. The rest you will have to find out by reading it :P
Please, please read it before you judge it as not worth it *makes puppy eyes*

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Liked it? Loved it? Interested? Please leave me a comment with your opinion! That would really make me happy ❤❤❤
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14 February 2016 @ 01:11 pm
Hello everyone. How are you? It's been a while since I posted something. Especially a new chapter of Shadows in Light. I deeply apologize for that! With everything that's been going on in fandom and my personal life, I just didn't have the energy and time to write. For your information: I won't stop writing while KAT-TUN is on hiatus, but my stories will mostly be AU from now on. And the focus will be on rare pairs I guess, but let's see what ideas I get ;)
For now, please enjoy the new chapter of Shadows in Light and please tell me your opinion afterwards ❤❤❤

PS.: As you probably noticed, I changed my layout. What do you think?

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23 December 2015 @ 10:15 pm

pic credit:yoshiko_mama@LJ

Merry Christmas everyone ❤
I have a small surprise present for you. It's a small story that I wrote. It's not fanfiction but it's about Johnny's Entertainment ;)
Years ago I came up with a story that I want to write down one day and publish as a book. My Christmas surprise is a small sequence from the story. To be precise, I'm letting some of my characters talk about Johnny's Entertainment or better some of their bands. So all characters are my own! I hope you will understand what I want to say with this story :)

So: HAPPY CHRISTMAS! I hope you will have an nice christmas time. Now enjoy my story

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25 November 2015 @ 12:14 am
Hello everyone!

I'm sure by now you all heard or saw what happened with KAT-TUN today. I'm still not over the shock. This decision is hard for me, but for now I will go on hiatus. Or rather I will go on writing hiatus. That means I won't be finishing "Shadows im light" at the moment. For that I'm really sorry. BUT I will be around. Right now KAT-TUN fandom hurts too much, which doesn't mean I will turn my back to other JE bands. Besides, even with KAT-TUN, it's only for now. You can always contact me and I will still read fanfics, if I like the pairing ;)

There's a possibility I will change my mind tomorrow or next week or later, but for now this is how I feel!

I hope you understand and respect my decision, just like I hope you understand and respect Junno for his decision!

Hugs to all of you 💜
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