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24 April 2016 @ 09:44 pm
Simple Love Story - Part One  
Hey everyone. I know I said that this would be a One-Shot but...well...it got to long. And then I read Uepi's cute JWeb entry and I thought: Alright I need to post it.

So here's the first part of my KoyaDa fanfic. Enjoy :)

Simple Love Story - Part One

rating: PG-15/R (To be on the safe side :D)
pairing: KoyaDa (Koyama Keiichiro/Ueda Tatsuya), others will appear in the story :P
genres: romance, comedy, AU
warnings: None. It's pretty safe since it's supposed to be romantic a Comedy
disclaimer: Like always, I own nothing but the plot, but please don't steal that one ;)

summary: Koyama loved his life. He loved his friends. He had a great job. He was happy. In his opinion love and relationships were overrated. So why did Ueda Tatsuya have to appear in his life?

Nyanta raised her head when she heard the sound, which usually indicated that her master would stand up soon, for the third time in a row. When it stayed silent afterwards she lifted herself up and padded to the bedroom. With her head she opened the door wide enough so that she could slip through the gap. In a few seconds she was on the bed and padded to where she saw the face of her master. On instinct she leaned down and licked over it. When she heard a groan she knew she had done the right thing. Now she used her pads to pat his face. What? Her claws weren't out. She was just trying to wake him up.

Koyama twitched annoyed. He had such a nice dream in which he met his perfect partner. Who dared to wake him up from that? That's when he noticed it were pads which punched his face and remembered that Nyanta was the only other one in the apartment. "Nyanta, what is it? Are you hungry?" he groaned in a hoarse voice. Nyanta let her answer known with a purr and a maunz. With a sigh Koyama got up and tiredly stumbled into the kitchen. It was then that he saw the time. For a second he blinked at the clock before he basically squeaked. "Nyanta, you saved my life!" he told her as he crouched down to scratch her. She gave him her best annoyed look that totally said he was a baka for not realizing earlier that that's the reason she woke him up.

Koyama couldn't help to giggle. "What would I do without you," he whispered and Nyanta purred as an answer. In a swift move Koyama had her up in his arms to cuddle her. Nyanta obviously loved the attention because she started to lick her master's face. Another look at the clock made Koyama groan though. "Sorry Nyanta, I really need to get ready now or I'll be late," He said as he set her down to go and prepare her food. Then he made a coffee for himself that he drank while he checked his schedule for the day. When he saw that it was mostly only Yamapi's activities he relaxed. With a yawn he made his way to the shower to get ready for another crazy day.


On his way to work Koyama decided to call Yamapi to remind him of his first appointment on his schedule. He was proud of that decision when Yamapi answered obviously half asleep. "Get up sunshine. A car will get you in an hour," Koyama chirped. When he heard a voice in the background he rolled his eyes. "Where should I send the car. Your place or Akanishi's?" he asked with a smile. "We're at Jin's place," Yamapi told him tiredly. He seemed to fall asleep again any minute. Koyama shook his head, "Hey, don't fall asleep again. I'm going to be responsible if you don't appear for the shooting. While you’re at it, get Akanishi out of bed as well and save him Yuichi’s lecture." "Hai, hai. See you Keii-chan," was the only response before Yamapi hung up.

Koyama sighed. Maybe he should have told Yamapi not to wake Akanishi up with sex. That his Idol was in a relationship with one of the laziest men in the world was a real hindrance sometimes. Well, as long as Yamapi appeared on set on time he didn't really care. Koyama considered himself lucky that Akanishi wasn't his Idol. From what his friend Nakamaru Yuichi told him he knew that Akanishi was a hell of a lot work. Yamapi was much easier to handle simply because he was much more responsible. Koyama smiled at that thought. He really loved his job. His family and friends often said that he was married to his work. Honestly, he didn't care because he was happy. He didn't need anything else.

Koyama was in a positive mood when he entered his work place: TOKIO agency. He had no idea why it was called like that. His best friend Shige once told him that their boss was in a band that was called TOKIO as a teenager. That would definitely explain the name because their boss was sentimental like that. But Koyama didn't know if it was true or not. Despite Shige being an honest person. After Koyama shortly nodded to Erika Toda at the reception, he started to walk to the elevator but stopped and turned around when she called his name.

"Nagase-san wants to talk to you," she informed him, "preferably yesterday." Koyama frowned. What could his boss want to talk about that was this urgent? "Okay, I'll go see him now. Thanks Eri-chan," he said while he smiled at her. She blew him a kiss and then simply returned to whatever she'd been doing before. Koyama liked Erika because she did a good job. But sadly she had the tendency to let her mouth run of. Once upon a time she wanted to be an Idol or an actress herself but after she saw the competition she changed her mind. Her reason was that most of them had been much to stuck up. She preferred working with men so she ended up at TOKIO agency.

While Koyama had let his thoughts drift off, he had arrived in front of the office of his boss. He knocked softly and instantly got a loud "come in" as an answer. Koyama entered, only to stop in his tracks. His boss was sitting at his place with his feet on his table and an armful of files in his lap. At least he was working. "You wanted to talk to me Nagase-san?" Koyama made himself known. Nagase Tomoya looked up and grinned. "Keii-chan, yes," he pointed at a chair, “take a seat please." Reluctantly Koyama did as he was told.

Nagase must have seen his worry because he gave him a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, it's nothing bad," Nagase told him, "quite the opposite actually." He pulled a file from a stack of papers and glanced at it. "You know Keii-chan," he continued, "you've been doing an amazing job with Yamapi and SYYM." Koyama bowed slightly at that, "Thank you sir." Nagase shook his head, "There's no need to thank me or to be so formal. I meant what I said. That's why,..." a knock on the door interrupted Nagase. "Come in," he called.

The door opened and Nakamaru walked in. He frowned a little when he saw Koyama. "You wanted to talk to me Nagase-san? I can come back later if you want?" Nakamaru questioned a little confused. Nagase shook his head again, "No, please take a seat." He smiled at both of them when Nakamaru had followed his offer. "As I already told Keii-chan, he did an awesome job lately and so did you Yuichi," he addressed Nakamaru. "The reason I called both of you here is because I'm going to pull Koyama from SYYM. Instead, Nakamaru is going to manage them."

"WHAT?" Koyama couldn't believe what he had heard. Nagase raised a hand before he could say anything else though. "Don't get me wrong Keii-chan. You didn't do anything wrong. The only reason is this," with that he took the file and handed it to Koyama who took it with apprehension. Inside he found pictures of four men. One blond, spiky haired, two brown haired and a black haired man. Behind that were papers with information. Probably of these four men. While Koyama went through the papers something fell from between them on to his lap. It was a CD cover with a CD in it on which the word 'DEMO' was written in big letters.

"Taichi found them and I want you to manage them Keii-chan," Nagase explained. Then he looked at Nakamaru, "and I think it's about time you take on more responsibility. I know Jin is a hard case but you're entering your second year here. So I think you'll be fine. Besides, it's not like you weren't working as a manager before you started here." He leaned back in his chair, "Koyama is still here as well so you can ask him for help if necessary."

Koyama and Nakamaru exchanged a glance. This was somehow a lot to take in but Koyama still smiled at his friend. "Don't worry, even if SYYM is from Osaka they're easy to handle," he told him, "Well, mostly at least." Koyama patted Nakamaru's shoulder when the other sighed. "I have a meeting with them now. You can accompany me. That way we can prepare them of the change in advance," Koyama offered. Nakamaru looked at him grateful and nodded.

A loud noise made them jump in surprise. "Perfect!" Nagase grinned at them obviously happy with the situation. He had slammed a hand on the table in excitement. Now he raised a finger to point at the file in Koyama's hand. "These guys are going to come in about two weeks for the first time. I will send you the details. Make sure to teach them the ropes." Then with a wink of his hand he dismissed them.


Nakamaru thanked his friend on their way to the conference room where Koyama was scheduled to meet SYYM. "This will make it a lot easier for me," he said grateful, "but I don't envy you. Working with a new band that needs to learn professionalism is hard work." Koyama nodded but smiled, "It is. But it was the same with Yamapi and SYYM so I'm fine!" "You're right." Nakamaru looked at him sheepishly which brought Koyama to laugh out loud. That's how they entered the conference room.

The four men in there turned to them surprised. "Ohayou Keii-chan," Yassu greeted him with a bright smile. Maruyama and Yokoyama simply gave him a smile and a nod as a greeting. Subaru just gave him a nod though he barely looked up from his place. He was much too occupied with his guitar. "What is Nakamaru doing here?" Okay, scratch that. Koyama told himself to never underestimate Subaru again. "Nakamaru is here because he will slowly take over my position as your manager," Koyama explained with his most charming smile. Now he had the full attention of all four SYYM members. Their faces showed their question. "The thing is that Taichi found a new band. Nagase-san assigned them to me since I've been here longer then Yuichi. That's all," Koyama answered the unsaid question.

"Oh..." Yassu let out disappointed. Subaru frowned obviously not happy about the change. Yokoyama and Maruyama were the only ones who gave Nakamaru a smile. Maruyama even came forward and laid an arm around him. "So you'll be our new manager?" he asked him while he studied him. Nakamaru raised an eyebrow but choose not to respond. "I have nothing against Nakamaru as our manager but why the hell did Nagase-san decide on a new band?" Subaru growled, "Aren't there enough? He only has four managers." Yokoyama rolled his eyes, "It won't be that bad. Think about it in that way: There'll be more juniors for you to growl at." The glare Subaru gave him made Yokoyama laugh out loud.

"I'm just sad that Keii-chan is going," Yassu said while he looked like a kicked puppy. Koyama exchanged a glance with Nakamaru and sighed. "First: I'm not going anywhere. I'll still be working here just not as you manager. Second: There's nothing we can do about it since it's been decided. Now let's start working." With that Koyama took his place and waited for everyone to be seated as well before he started to talk about SYYM's schedule.


The next two weeks seemed to fly by. Koyama had listened to the demo and had to agree. They were really good. He wondered who of the four men was the singer because the voice was something special. For whatever reason Koyama was nervous as he waited for his new 'charges' to come. That's why he flinched when there was a knock on the door. "Come in," He called and hoped that he didn't look as nervous as he was. The door opened to reveal one of the brown haired men. Well, formerly brown haired. Now it was black. He was shorter than Koyama had thought.

"Hello, my name is Kamenashi Kazuya. We were told to come here. Are you Koyama Keiichiro?" As soon as he had spoken Koyama knew that Kamenashi was the singer of the band. "Yes. Please come in." He answered with his brightest smile. Koyama was surprised that three members of his new band were shorter than he expected. In contrast to that the fourth man was a giant. But since Koyama had about the same height, he couldn't say anything. After he had shaken Kamenashi's hand, he turned to the next Person. It was the tallest of them who looked at him sleepily. "Ohkura Tadayoshi, " he murmured while he offered his hand. Koyama raised an eyebrow at the lack of enthusiasm and energy as he shook the hand.

When he turned to the next person, Koyama flinched at the glare he met before he realized that it was directed at the man’s phone. When Kamenashi bumped the man’s shoulder to get his attention the glare moved to him. "What?" he growled obviously annoyed. "Would you put your phone away for a moment. Uchi can wait a while but this is important," Kamenashi hissed. The man looked up and it was as if he only now realized where he was. When he saw Koyama he started to smile brightly. It took Koyama a little of guard and he blinked confused. The man simply held out his hand, "You must be our manager. I'm Nishikido Ryo." Koyama could do nothing else then take the hand to shake it and nod totally speechless.

Suddenly Nishikido was slapped on the back of his head. In shock Koyama looked at the man behind Nishikido whereas said man turned around to glare at his band mate with a loud "Oi!" Koyama didn't listen to the conversation that followed. He was too mesmerized by the man behind Nishikido. The man was about the same height as Kamenashi. He had short blond hair which he had styled in spikes. He gave of a bad boy aura and Koyama was sure that he had a lot of self-confidence. His face was feminine yet manly. To top it of the man wore glasses that made him look adorable. Koyama gulped when the man held out his hand. He looked at Koyama with the cutest and most childlike smile. "I'm Ueda Tatsuya," he introduced himself. Damn, even his voice was hypnotizing. Ueda Tatsuya was totally his type and had just stolen his heart on first sight. Yabai, Koyama was in deep trouble.


"Keii-chan, did you wait long?" Koyama shuddered at the whisper that had an erotic undertone. He turned around to glare at Ueda, who had entered the room together with the other three band members. Since their first meeting a few weeks ago the blond man had started to flirt with him which mostly included a lot of teasing. Koyama suspected that he probably had been too obvious. He deeply regretted it because he was actually annoyed by Ueda's advances. He couldn't be sure of the seriousness of Ueda for one. It could all be a game to him. Secondly, Koyama liked to think of himself as married to his job and he didn't want anything else. He was sick and tired of relationships. His job was all he needed. On the other hand it had been awhile since he had sex and he couldn't deny his attraction to Ueda. So yeah, he was extremely annoyed by Ueda's advances.

"No Ueda-san, I didn’t wait long," Koyama said, "I have the schedule for your first studio time. Nagase-san and I also decided that you will keep the name you used before." Koyama stood up while he talked. He pushed Ueda slightly away and tried to bring as much distance between them as possible. "Here are some possible graphics for your debut single, but they're only suggestions," Koyama explained as he laid CD cases on the table. He tried to ignore the smirk Ueda showed now.

"You're too obvious Koya-mama," Ryo teased without letting himself be distracted from checking the CD cases or better the design of the cover. That was another thing that happened. For whatever reason Ryo had started to call him Koya-mama. He said it was because Koyama acted like their mother. Koyama was responsible for them so of course he cared. What he learned soon enough was that it was the best to just ignore both Ueda and Ryo. So that's what he did now as well.

"Okay guys, did you do what I asked you for last time?" Koyama asked the four. Instantly Kame rummaged through his bag before he pulled out a folder. "We did. These are the songs we choose as our best," Kame said as he handed over the lyric sheets to Koyama. After skimming through them, Koyama closed the folder. "Okay, which one of them is your absolute favorite song?" He addressed the group. All four of them looked at each other before they looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean? I thought we should collect our best ones. Why do you want us to decide on our favorite now?" Kame questioned him.

Koyama had soon learned that not only was Kamenashi the singer of the group but also the spokesperson. But he also realized that it wasn't because he was the most authoritative one. At least not only. The other three let him have the word. He suspected that Ueda was too lazy, Ryo just not interested and Ohkura a bit of both. Besides, Ohkura was the most childish one of them so he knew other ways to get what he wanted. "For your debut single! Be happy I let you decide first. Usually you would play your songs for me and I'd decide on the main debut song by myself," Koyama explained it to them with a smile.

"Wow, how generous of you. So it won't be you who will be making the final decision?" Ueda asked with a sarcastic undertone. Koyama sighed before he stood up. "You knew what you were getting into when you signed the contract. Don't start to complain now!" Koyama's voice was light but the scolding was still obvious. "I'm going to get myself a coffee and let you have some time to discuss the song." With that Koyama made his way to the door.

On his way Ueda grabbed his arm to stop him. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that." Ueda looked at Koyama apologetically which seemed to be genuine. Maybe Koyama wasn't as trustful anymore because he didn't buy it. "You meant it but that's fine. You can still leave. For now we haven't invested anything in you. Now, if you would excuse me," he said as he pulled his arm from the grip, "I want my coffee." Without further ado Koyama left the room.


After Koyama got himself a coffee he went to the reception for a small talk with Erika. He wanted to give his new group some time. He and Erika were just laughing about something when the entrance door opened. When he saw who it was Koyama's smile froze. "Keii-chan," the call made him jump. In the next moment Koyama was pulled into a hug. When he received a kiss on the cheek Koyama totally stiffened. "Yuya, what are you doing here?" He asked with a forced smile. "I wanted to see you Keii-chan. It's been a while because I've been so busy," Tegoshi Yuya answered. The blond man was a model who had often worked together with many Idols of TA. That's how Koyama had met him years ago. Tegoshi had easily seduced him back then and they had been in a mostly stable relationship. Until Koyama had realized that Tegoshi hadn't taken their relationship as serious as he had. Granted, Tegoshi hadn't cheated on him. But he hadn't loved him either. Koyama didn't even want to think about the way he found out.

"Tegoshi-kun, those clothes look awesome. Which brand are those?" Erika sounded seriously interested as she inspected Tegoshi's clothes. If there was one thing that Erika was an expert in, it was clothes. And it was the one thing that Tegoshi couldn't resist which is why he was a model. With a big smile he let go of Koyama and leaned on the counter. Instantly those two were engaged in a conversation about the latest trends and styles. Koyama released a sigh he hadn't realize he held in. Tegoshi's manager, Masuda Takahisa, who had arrived with Tegoshi, gave him an apologetic look. Just when Koyama thought about ways to leave discreetly he was called.

Everyone turned around to the voice. Ueda stood a few feet away and gestured for him to come. "Sorry, seems as if I need to go back to work." With a small bow Koyama left as fast as he could. When he reached Ueda he noticed in Ueda's eyes that he saw through him once again. It annoyed Koyama that he was such an open book to the man. "Did you decide on the song for your debut?" he asked as happily as he could. It seemed to amuse Ueda because his lips twitched into a smile. "Ex-boyfriend?" he suspected. Koyama decided not to answer and ignored Ueda's laughter that followed. What he didn't see after he left was the glare Ueda send Tegoshi.


"I can't do this anymore," Koyama slurred, "they're seriously talented but probably more difficult to handle then Akanishi." It had been a few days since Tegoshi had suddenly appeared at TOKIO agency. After Koyama had heard his new band live for the first time he had instantly understood why Nagase wanted them. They were unmistakably talented. Shige eyed the glass in front of his best friend and considered to take it away. Koyama seemed to have already drunk enough. "Somehow I can't imagine that. From what we know, Jin is probably the laziest person ever," Shige said with a frown. Koyama raised his finger, "But he's not eating you with his eyes. Or constantly teases you or," he took a sip before he continued, "or needs to have the control. And he definitely isn't a workaholic!" Shige raised both eyebrows now while Koyama slumped forward.

"At least you don't have to manage Arashi like me or Kinki Kids like Taichi." Both Koyama and Shige turned around. "Shingo and Yucchi," Koyama slurred happily as he saw his two colleagues. Nakamaru raised an eyebrow at how drunk his friend obviously was. "I agree! I don't think that can be compared. You haven't worked with Jin." Murakami Shingo giggled at that before he looked at Shige, "Why the hell did you let him drink so much?" Shige took a sip and grinned, "I wanted to get as much information about his crush as I can out of him." Nakamaru rolled his eyes, "You're a lawyer. Shouldn't you be good at questioning?" He and Murakami had already taken their seat. Shige licked his lips a little guilty. "Well, I'm just doing legal stuff for a talent agency. So I'm not that trained in questioning." Murakami sighed, "But did you have to get him this drunk? That's irresponsible."

Shige had to hold back a giggle. If anyone thought Nakamaru was responsible hadn't met Murakami Shingo. The manager of Arashi and Tackey & Tsubasa was the most conscientious and responsible of all four managers. As anyone could see from the freedom of KinkiKids it was obvious that Taichi didn't swing such a tight wip. He was a little stricter with V6 though, but compared to Nakamaru and Murakami he was still easygoing. Well, the most easygoing of the four was Koyama.

As Shige was about to respond he was interrupted. "Keii-chan? And Kato-kun. Didn't know you'd be the types to go into clubs," Ueda Tatsuya said with a smirk. When Koyama looked up and saw Ueda he started to smile at him brightly which made the blond man blink confused. With almost a jump Koyama was hugging Ueda tight. Behind his back Shige suddenly smirked but no one noticed


A groan escaped Koyama as he woke up. His head felt like a truck ran over it and he didn't dare to open his eyes because he already felt the blinding light. "Shige damn it, why did you let me drink so much?" "I thought you were old enough to know your limit. Didn't think you'd need a best friend to care for you." An amused voice teased him. Instinctively Koyama froze. No, please no. Slowly Koyama opened his eyes. His surroundings told him that he wasn't in his apartment. The second thing he noticed was that he was only wearing his underwear. First because he felt it and second because his clothes were lying next to the bed on the floor. Slowly again Koyama lifted himself up and turned around.

Ueda Tatsuya was looking at him with an amused smirk and Koyama had to gulp. Ueda was sitting on the edge of the bed in only jeans and a towel around his neck. His blond hair was framing his head in a wet mess. Koyama could only stare at him wide eyed which in turn made Ueda grin brighter. "Like what you see?" he whispered low enough to be erotic. When Koyama stayed frozen, Ueda slowly moved closer. Just as slowly he cupped Koyama's cheek before he moved in for a kiss. Koyama gasped surprised which Ueda used to deepen the kiss. It only took a second for Koyama to give in and close his eyes. His hands grabbed Ueda's shoulders and he dug his nails in. Suddenly they were falling backwards on to the bed. One of Ueda's hands made his way over Koyama's stomach - lower and lower.

Right then Koyama came to his senses and he pushed Ueda back. As fast as he could he threw back the blanket and jumped out of the bed. In a haste he pulled his jeans and his shirt on. "Running away again?" Ueda said. Koyama noticed that there was no humour in his voice. It almost sounded like Ueda was a little angry. "Whatever happened last night. Forget about it!" Koyama was angry at how his voice trembled. Ueda grabbed his arm just as he had finished dressing. "Forget about it? Do you even remember what happened?" Now Ueda was obviously angry. "Let me go," Koyama said as calm as he could.

With a slight force he pulled his arm free before he hastily turned around and left the room. In the living room he frowned at the unused blanket on the couch but didn't stop to think about it. After he put on his shoes he checked his stuff to see if anything was missing. "What are you so afraid of?" Koyama jumped at Ueda's voice. He hadn't noticed that Ueda had followed him. "Afraid? I'm not afraid. This just can't happen!" Koyama didn't leave a chance for Ueda to answer because he left the apartment as fast as he could.


In the metro Koyama took his phone and called the one person who had to give him some answers. It didn't take long for his best friend to pick up. "Hey, I thought you wouldn't call for a while." Koyama frowned at that greeting. "Why the hell wouldn't I call?" he questioned, his voice full of suspicion. "Why? Because you drank way too much yesterday. I thought you would still be sleeping." Shige told his best friend. Koyama let his head slump against the train window, "why did you let me drink that much anyway Shige?"

An older lady sat down next to him only to frown at him. With a stand-offish sniff of her nose she stood back up and choose another seat. Koyama blinked confused until he took a sniff himself and groaned. Of course. He drank way too much yesterday and he hadn't changed his clothes, showered or brushed his teeth this morning. He smelled! How Ueda could've even kissed him was beyond his comprehension.

"Hey Keii, are you listening or did you fall asleep?" Shige almost shouted in his ear and he flinched. "Yes, I'm here. No need to shout!" "I take it you got home safely?...Wait? Is that a train I'm hearing? Are you in the subway?" Shige questioned him now. Koyama snorted, "What do you mean I got home safely? And yes I'm in the subway since I'm on my way home." "Eh? Why weren't you home?" Shige asked confused. Silence. Koyama just didn't know how to respond to that. "Oh my god. I forgot to give Ueda-kun your address," Shige suddenly exclaimed, "I should apologize to him. I hope you weren't to much of a hassle for him."

Koyama's only reaction was to blink. “What do you mean by that? Don't tell me that you let Ueda take me home?" Koyama hissed. "I had to. You were way too drunk for a taxi. Maru and Murakami met friends and I got called by my girlfriend who needed to be picked up," Shige explained. Koyama groaned, "so you asked Ueda to take me home?" "Yes!" "What the hell Shige." Koyama exploded which got him unnecessary attention. He blushed and sunk into his seat in hope to disappear. "What choice did I have? You were totally drunk and no one of us could take you home but someone needed too," Shige defended himself. When Koyama didn't respond he sighed. "Look, just get home and take a rest. We can talk about it later again when you're more awake." "Yeah, maybe that's a good idea. I will contact you later." Koyama agreed before he hung up.


At home Koyama got rid of his clothes and stumbled into the bathroom. After a refreshing shower and a nice brush of his teeth he felt better. In new, comfortable clothes, Koyama let himself fall onto his bed. Nyanta, who was sleeping on the bed, hissed irritated. Koyama didn’t even notice her. He still couldn't believe what had happened this morning. And it drove him crazy that he didn't know what happened in the night. For some reason he questioned that anything else then the kiss this morning happened between them. Okay, fine. Anything else than the make out session. The blanket on Ueda's couch and some of the things Shige had said were obvious signs. Maybe Koyama was naive but he wasn't stupid. The most obvious sign was his body. He was sure that Ueda wasn't the type to bottom.

"Arggghhhh, this is driving me crazy. I don't want to be in love. I don't need this!" Koyama screamed at his ceiling. Next to him Nyanta looked up with twitching ears to glare at him and this time he noticed her. "I'm sorry," He told her, "but it's true." Nyanta seemed to roll her eyes at him before she went back to sleep and totally ignored him. Koyama smiled before he closed his eyes as well.


It took a while and a lot of phone calls but Ueda finally had Shige's number. He had called Kame because he thought that Kame basically knew everyone. He was the most social person Ueda knew. But Kame didn't know the number and told him to ask Ryo for whatever reason. Ryo didn't know eitherl but he gave Ueda a number of a friend. The friend turned out to be Shibutani Subaru of SYYM who also didn't have Shige's number. Luck was on Ueda's side though because Subaru asked his band member Maruyama who finally had Shige's number. Apparently he was one of Shige's closest friends.

Once again Ueda wondered about the familiarity within his new work place. It was a good decision to join TOKIO Agency. Ueda had been against it at first because if the reputation of TA. He had solely gone with the decisions of his band since they were his friends, his family. Now he liked it there. They had been given more freedom than he expected and Koyama was doing a great job. Maybe Ueda was biased but it was truly what he thought. Their debut single had turned out awesome and that was because Koyama had worked together with them and not decided for them.

Ueda stared at the number for a while before he found the courage to dial the number. What he was about to do was probably wrong but he needed to do it to at least have a chance. He definitely wasn't one to give up at the first barrier. It seemed to take ages until the phone was picked up. "Moshi, moshi?" Ueda had to clear his throat to get rid of his nervousness. "Kato-kun? Ueda Tatsuya here." "Ueda-kun, hello. What can I do for you?" Shige sounded surprised but not angry which calmed Ueda down. "I...I know this is unusual but I wanted to ask you about Keii. I need to know why he's so afraid." Ueda explained straightforward.

Silence reigned on the other end. "What happened?" Shige asked in return. Ueda licked his lips. How should he start? "You know, you were pretty obvious yesterday. I think everyone but Keii got why you wanted me take him home." Ueda began his story. After he had told what happened in the morning he heard Shige sigh. "Please help me out here. What is Keii so afraid of? I need to know or I won't be able to fight for him. I need to have that chance," Ueda practically begged. Once again there was silence on the other end.

"You're serious," Shige said in wonder. Ueda frowned, "What. Did you think I was looking for a fling?" His voice showed clear annoyance. "I don't know what I thought. But I got that both of you are attracted to each other and I wanted Keii to at least try. I wanted him to get to know you closer because it was about time he started to go out again. To date again." Shige explained in defence. "That's what I want as well. I'm serious about him. I want to get to know him. I want to date him." Ueda's voice was barely a whisper as if he was embarrassed to admit what he just said.

Shige sighed deeply. "Then you have to show him that you're serious," he explained. "What do you mean? I've already told him," Ueda said confused. "That's what I meant. Telling him isn't enough. You have to show him," was Shige's answer. Ueda shook his head, "I don't understand. Is he so distrustful of words?" "He is. His trust was broken because his last relationship was practically fake," Shige told him. Ueda frowned, "How can a relationship be fake?"

Suddenly Shige yelped before he cursed. Ueda blinked confused at the noises he heard. "Are you okay?" "Fuck," Shige cursed and Ueda raised an eyebrow. "Sorry. Yes, I'm fine! Just burned myself," Shige reassured Ueda in an annoyed tone. Now both eyebrows went up. "What did you do?" Ueda asked while he tried to keep his laughter in. He could practically hear Shige rolling his eyes. "Let's not sway of topic," Shige was obviously flustered, "We were talking about Keii's last relationship." "Yes, the relationship that had supposedly been fake," Ueda agreed. "You have to understand that I shouldn't be telling you this. But I'm telling you for Keii's sake!" Shige made clear. "Of course, it will stay between us," Ueda promised.

"A few years ago, Keii met this model that started to work together with our agency from time to time. The man didn't hold back his charm and openly flirted with Keii so it didn't take long for them to get together." Shige paused his story to collect his thoughts. "It actually lasted pretty long. A year, at least, which surprised me back then. But that's why the end took Keii even harder," Shige continued, "because that man left Keii for a woman. His reason was that he only wanted to ‘try’ dating a man. And he found Keii attractive but he never loved him. That's what he directly told Keii." Shige cleared his throat, "Now, you probably understand what I meant when I said that it was a fake relationship and why Keii doesn't trust easily." Silence reigned afterwards. Ueda was trying to keep his anger in and Shige was giving him time to think. "Thank you Kato-kun, this really helps me." Ueda finally said. “Use the info wisely,” Shige ordered before he hung up.

Part 2

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serial_translatserial_translat on April 25th, 2016 08:39 pm (UTC)
At the beginning, I was a litte afraid it was going to be a real life story and it'd have really pissed me off. =) Fortunately, it wasn't the case and it was pretty enjoyable.

Koyama as manager is nice, really nice and I didn't see that one coming about his new band of four people. lol Kame ok, Ueda ok, Ryo... Okura... lol why not ? I don't really mind but it did surprise me a little.

Of course it was easy to image our cute blond Ueda with glasses. =D The way their relationship "deepens" is rather quite ordinary, not plain, just ordinary. The part about Yuya was different though, something "new" while being quite saddening.

Ich freue mich auf den nächsten Kapitel. (ich war zu faul um nach oben auf Deutsch zu schreiben Lach) Viel Glück.

PS : Ich habe Uedas Eintrag auch gelesen. Nyaah nachdem Junno weg ist, er ist jetzt total in Koyama verliebt. lol Er versucht weiterzugehen. ;)
kamedafankamedafan on May 10th, 2016 01:49 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, no don't worry. For now I won't write real life. Only AU. It would be to depressing otherwise...XD

Deshou? It so totally fits him! Probably because he has the image of the motherly type.And yeah, my stories tend to be full of different JE Idols :P

Of course, we know how good, hot, attractive...well everything Uepi looks with glasses *dreams*
That's what I wanted. I had a simple romance comedy in mind like those America movies you know. Simple but refreshing ;)

Yuya had to be. Otherwise it would've been to easy. And somehow, in my idea, he fit the role perfectly. It's not that I hate Yuya but that's just what his character could be like.

Dankeschön! Mal sehen wie schnell das nächste Kapitel kommen wird, da ich im Moment nicht in der Stimmung bin zu schreiben XD

Es ist einfach zu niedlich wie die beiden so offen flirten. Und ich glaube nicht, dass es ein einfacher Wechsel ist. Dafür geht das zwischen den beiden bereits zu lange ;)

Es freut mich, dass dir dieser Part gefallen hat. Vielen dank für das liebe Kommentar <33
ladyc2: ryoladyc2 on April 26th, 2016 12:15 pm (UTC)
Well, here I finally am with my comment.

Nice first part.

It was interesting opening up from the cat's pov - very cute. I've never come across the word "maunz" before though, not sure what it means.

Poor Koyama, being used like that by Tegoshi, and for so long, makes it sound even worse. Hopefully Ueda will be able to find a way to show him that he's serious.
I really like the setup of the agency - with Koyama, Nakamaru, Hina and Taichi as managers and the different groups (wonder what Ueda, Kame, Ryo and Ohkura call themselves?)

I look forward to reading the rest :D
kamedafankamedafan on May 10th, 2016 02:00 pm (UTC)
And here I'm finally with my answer.

I'm glad you liked it :D

Yeah, that was somehow not planned but fit the beginning. And I really like Nyanta, she's a beautiful cat :)
Ah, right. I only noticed now that "maunz" is not an English word. It's German. The English word would be "meow" :P

I know. It somehow wasn't easy to write it and I felt sorry for Tegoshi but I needed someone to fill such a role and for that to have happened. Otherwise it would've been to easy.

That makes me happy. I was so unsure and brought more and more people into the agency and feared it may be to many people.
The name of Koyama's new group is inspired by Uepi. That much I can tell you :)

Thank you for reading and for leaving me such a motivating comment <33
Nipa Krauparaaommy_tatchan on April 26th, 2016 04:55 pm (UTC)
wow thank you,finally i have time to read the fic.

its take to long till tatchan coming,but it great about that and i love about that tatchan was the one who flirt (in this fic tatchan's top right?).

plzz update soon for the next part,wanna what will tatchan do to get Koyama's haert?

thank you again.
kamedafankamedafan on May 10th, 2016 02:04 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Hahaha, well, this story is more Koyama focused but Ueda did make an appearance and will make more of an appearance in the next part...I think XD
And yeah, Uepi is top ;)

I will try to get the next part finished as fast as I can :)

Thank you for reading and leaving me such a cute comment <33
Forever-Late Girl: uedadori_liv on April 26th, 2016 11:21 pm (UTC)

Sorry about last time. I didn't have time to comment then. The story has made progress since the bits I read and Ueda is very serious about a relationship with koyama.I wonder what he will do to try and make koyama see that.

Despite our conversation last time, I'm technically not a Pin 'shipper' but I like that you put them in here. I also don't like Tegoshi so it's fine by me that he's the 'bad guy' here xD
kamedafankamedafan on May 10th, 2016 05:08 pm (UTC)
Hey there!

No problem. I was only confused about the comment that appeared and disappeared XD

That's true. There were some new turns at the end. Of course Uepi is serious about a relationship with Koyama. You'll have to wait and see what he'll do to gain Koyama's trust ;)

Ah, really? Well, luckily they're only a small side pairing and barely appear. But I liked the idea of them in this fic :P

You don't like Tegoshi? I think he's cute. Narcissistic but cute. I simply needed someone who fit that role and he did character wise.

Anyway, thanks for reading and leaving this sweet comment dear <33
stormy1990: Uedastormy1990 on May 7th, 2016 09:59 am (UTC)
Hey sorry for the late comment ;)
I really like the first part :D
Especially the different bands are cool XD All the time I was like who is the next member, who is the next member...
Ueda, Kame, Okura and Ryo, puhhhh what a combination! With Okura they are safe, but Ryo and Ueda are perfect fighting material, good that they are not the main, but Koyama and Ueda :P
But I feel a little bit sorry for Tegoshi, bc more or less he is the "bad guy" ^^"
And Koyama's reaction when he woke up at Ueda's place, priceless XD
"Oh my god. I forgot to give Ueda-kun your address," He doesn't feel guilty at all and that makes it so freaking hilarious!
Looking forward to the next part! Hope Ueda can finally get a little bit closer, so that Koyama snaps out of his overcareful behavior! ;)
kamedafankamedafan on May 10th, 2016 05:17 pm (UTC)
Finally time to comment on your comment :P

That makes me happy that you liked it :D

I knew you would like the many Johnny's that appear. Aren't they a fantastic combination? To be honest I just thought they fit. Ryo and Uepi both play the guitar, so one of them can surely play the bass, and Ohkura is a great drummer. We don't have to talk about Kame's voice and his capability for show, right? XD
Yeah, I needed someone who would fit that role and he did. That's basically all.
Hahaha, glad you liked that. You can't imagine how much fun I had to write that and the two parts afterwards XD
Of course, it's Shige. The best friend who tries to help Koyama ;)
I'll try my best not to make you wait too long :)

Thank you for reading and this awesome comment dear <33
Tatachantat_chan91 on May 10th, 2016 06:26 pm (UTC)
EHi!!! Ok, KoyaDa is not my OTP, but that fanfiction is really good! I love Keii-chan as a character as well as I love Uepi! ^^ And I was like WOW when I read about Kanjani *^*

Good job, dear!♥
kamedafankamedafan on May 17th, 2016 04:15 pm (UTC)
Thank you dear, that makes me really happy to know <3
Koyama is a great person. I can understand why Uepi starts to like him :)

Hahaha, surprised you there? Did I manage to get them the right roles? :D

Thank you for reading and your sweet comment dear ♥